100% Silk Cot Sheet - Pearl - SALE – Silky Tots
100% Silk Cot Sheet - Pearl - SALE
silk cot sheet, silky tots, baby bald spot
100% Silk Cot Sheet - Pearl - SALE
100% Silk Cot Sheet - Pearl - SALE
100% Silk Cot Sheet - Pearl - SALE

100% Silk Cot Sheet - Pearl - SALE

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Silky Tots Silk Cot Sheets provide all the benefits of the Silk Cot & Bassinet Slips, over the full sheet area - perfect for older babies who are more mobile. Delicate hair glides smoothly across the surface, eliminating friction to prevent knotting, matting and eventually, the dreaded baby bald spot.

Results on existing baby bald spots show noticeable re-growth in 2-3 weeks. Recommended by dermatologists and asthma and eczema specialists.

With Silky Tots you can be confident that you’re getting all the benefits of the softest 22 momme mulberry silk;

• Reduced friction; reducing infant hair loss and painful to brush out knotting
• Non absorbent; doesn’t strip skin or hair of natural oils
• Temperature regulating; helps keep baby warm in winter and cool in summer
• Uninhabitable by dust mites (perfect for allergy/asthma sufferers)
• Breathable and naturally hypoallergenic
• Oeko-tex Standard 100; Internationally certified non-toxic
• Machine washable



◦ 100% 22 momme 6A grade silk mulberry silk
◦ Oeko Tex 100 certified non toxic
◦ Designed in Melbourne in line with SIDS safety guidelines
◦ Fitted sheet; 132cm x 70cm x 17cm, fits all standard cots.


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