Hannah's Journey with her Bassinet Sleeve

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Hannah Thiesz...
Age of your baby/s?
Charlie, 5 months old
A little intro about you...
I am currently a SAHM to my firstborn Charlie. We live in Geelong, VIC and have a little pugalier named Percy. I absolutely love being a mum, although it is challenging at times, we’re currently in the middle of sleep regression 😵‍💫 haha). She is such a funny, cheeky little person and I feel so lucky to be able to be her mum.
How did you hear about Silky Tots?
I saw ST pop up on Instagram a few times and then was recommended by a friend. 
Which product/s did you purchase?
Initially I purchased a bassinet sleeve and after two weeks I saw such huge results that I immediately bought a couple of cot sleeves, knowing she was shifting into her cot soon.
What was the reason for purchase?
Baby bald spot.
How long was it before you noticed the results/hair growth (or any others - such as skin improvements, less redness, reduced allergies, soothing for baby)?
Within two weeks I noticed a big improvement, within a month the spot had regrown (with the area being just slightly less thick than before) within two months her hair was thick and the spot was completely vanished.
How do you find the care of your Silky Tots (washing and ease of use with your baby/kids)?
Super easy, I just pop the sleeve in a bucket with some silk wash, let it soak, then rinse it off and hang it. It dries super quickly.
What is your favourite thing about your Silky Tots product/s?  How quickly I saw results, they also look and feel beautiful. 

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