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Stop Bed-Head in it's Tracks


Love, Love, Love

My daughter has super curly hair, this pillow slip is a complete game changer! My little one now wakes up with her beautifully formed natural curls frizz free and with little to no knots. On top of that the pillow looks beautiful... Mummy might be a bit jealous! I will definitely buy one for myself and for my next little one due in December - you won't be disappointed with your purchase! 

- Amber T.


Amazing Pillowcase!

This pillowcase has been amazing for my toddler. Prior to using it she would always wake up with matted hair. Now her hair is silky smooth in the mornings - no more knots! Thanks so much Silky Tots.

- Zara D.



My daughter is 5 and has always had very long, wavy hair. It's always been a nightmare to brush! We've gone through every brush, spray, routine you can think of and I turned to Silky Tots as a last resort. Oh my gosh! So glad we did! Brushing is much easier, her hair looks nicer and we don't have the dreaded bed hair and awful screaming morning brush. Thank you so much Nikki! Well worth the investment. We are in love! Xx

- Sarah F.


Silky Tots innovative Silk bedding allows for the gentlest sleep for your little one. Recommended by dermatologists and asthma and eczema specialists, the benefits of Silk have been known and used to care for skin & hair for hundreds of years, but Silky Tots is the first company (worldwide) to make these benefits accessible and safe for babies and children.

With Silky Tots you can be confident that you’re getting all the benefits of the softest 22 Momme  Mulberry Silk;

• Reduced friction; reducing painful to brush out knotting, frizz and 'bed-head'
• Non absorbent; doesn’t strip skin or hair of natural oils
• Temperature regulating; warm in winter and cool in summer
• Uninhabitable by dust mites (perfect for allergy/asthma sufferers)
• Breathable and naturally hypoallergenic
• Oeko-tex Standard 100; Internationally certified non-toxic
• Machine washable

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