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The Gentlest Sleep for Delicate Baby Skin

Pure and natural 100% Mulberry Silk is safe and gentle on baby's sensitive skin. Recommended by dermatologists, asthma and eczema specialists, Silk is naturally hydrating and hypoallergenic. As silk is naturally breathable and non-absorbent it doesn't absorb the natural oils and moisture from baby's skin - leaving natural oils and any topical ointments to do their job.

Newborn skin is about 30% thinner than adult skin and won't fully mature for up to a year, making it more susceptible to irritation, bacteria and allergens. Babies skin can also lose moisture up to 5 times faster than adult skin making it much more vulnerable to dryness and skin conditions like eczema. Safe and gentle on babies sensitive skin Silk creates a soft, smooth and healthy sleep environment. 

Silk reduces friction by up to 43% to prevent the frizz and knotting that create baby bald spots. Ordinary cotton and bamboo sheets twist and snag hair causing knotting, matting and eventually the dreaded baby bald spot.

Sleeping on Silk also benefits babies that already sport a bald spot, as the reduction in friction allows the delicate new hair to come in far quicker, greatly increasing the rate of re-growth with visible results in just 2-3 weeks.

Created out of necessity by a mum for mums, Silky Tots Silk Sleep collection is the gentlest choice for baby.

Soothe Skin with Silk

"We love our Silk Cot Slip, we have been using it for about two weeks now and Vivienne's hair has started to grow back and the bald area has nearly gone. Before we started using the silk slip Vivienne would wake up with a very dry face and I'd have to put moisturiser on her everyday, since using the silk slip her skin has become so soft and it's never dry! Amazing xx"

- Vivienne Z.

No More Baby Bald Spots

Silk allows delicate baby hair and skin to glide smoothly across the cot surface, eliminating any friction which prevents knotting, matting, and baby bald spots. Safe and kind on babies sensitive skin our Silk Cot Slips create a soft, smooth barrier between baby’s head and the sheets below.

Rebecca I.

In Love!

Absolutely love the silk pillow case, I bought one for my daughter and then ended up getting one for me too I can definitely see the difference in how my daughters hair is in the morning, and her facial skin is not as dry and scaly from eczema.  

Dimitra K.

Best on the Market!

Best silk pillow slips on the market.. love the quality of silk and the zip is a clever addition. Bought for my daughter who was suffering from acne and within one week noticed a huge difference to her skin condition. Also hair is noticeably healthier and styling lasts longer.

Well done SILKY TOTS! 

Emma D.

A Must Have!

I bought the cot slip for my then 5 month old as she developed a prominent bald patch. Due to a dairy allergy, she also suffered from a dry and irritated scalp that was becoming painful. This slip not only encouraged hair regrowth within a month, but also cured her skin issue! She now has a beautiful head of hair without irritation! A beautiful product, worth every penny!

100 Day Love or Return Guarantee

All Silky Tots products are made from the softest, highest quality 22 momme Mulberry Silk to ensure you and your little ones have the most gentle sleep possible. We are confident that you will fall in love with our silk as much as we have but if you are not happy, you can return for a full refund. 
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The Benefits of Silk

Sleep Soundly without Allergens
Silk is naturally hypoallergenic due to its high protein content, which prevents the growth of micro-organisms, mould and bacteria. This incredible quality makes silk in-hospitable for dust mites and allergens - perfect for allergy sufferers or asthmatics.

Silk is also odour and soil resistant making it a much cleaner sleep material than traditional bamboo and cotton.

Naturally Hydrating
Silk fibres wick moisture away from the skin keeping it naturally hydrated. Traditional bedding such as cotton is much more porous than silk, so regular pillowcases absorb and hold moisture, while silk leaves that hydration right where it belongs; in the skin and hair. While Silk is moisture wicking, it is still very quick drying and allows skin to breathe.

A Gentle Sleep for All Seasons
Silk is a natural insulator. Depending on the temperature, silk either draws heat away from the body, or traps in the warmth. In cold weather, the large fibres insulate to reduce heat loss from the body. In warm weather, the silk fleece helps shed excess heat by absorbing as much as 30% of its weight in excess moisture from the body – without ever feeling damp and then wicking it away from the body.

Benefits Aren't Limited to Babies
The Silky soft surface of Silky Tots Silk Pillow Slips are the perfect anti-ageing and hair protective sleep environment for kids and adults alike.

As celebrated Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross explains, “Persistently pressing our faces into a pillow causes trauma to the skin. Over time, this trauma, aggravated by the friction of a cotton pillowcase, can create permanent creases as our collagen breaks down.”

Studies show that friction from tossing and turning causes creases in the skin, but a silky-smooth surface can reduce that effect in the long run.

Silky Tots

Silky Tots innovative Silk bedding allows for the gentlest sleep for your little one. Recommended by dermatologists, asthma & eczema specialists, the benefits of Silk have been known and used to care for skin & hair for hundreds of years, but Silky Tots is the first company (worldwide) to make these benefits accessible and safe for babies and children.
With Silky Tots you can be confident that you’re getting all the benefits of the softest 22 Momme Mulberry Silk;

• Reduced friction; reducing painful to brush out knotting, frizz and 'bed-head'
• Non absorbent; doesn’t strip skin or hair of natural oils
• Temperature regulating; warm in winter and cool in summer
• Uninhabitable by dust mites (perfect for allergy/asthma sufferers)
• Breathable and naturally hypoallergenic
• Oeko-tex Standard 100; Internationally certified non-toxic
• Machine washable

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