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Silky Tots is quite simply AMAZING! I started using my Silky Tots when my little one was a newborn and I noticed little hairs on his bassinet sheet after naps. The slip helped immediately, he was the only bubba in mother's group without a bald spot! We now have the gorgeous mist coloured slip in his big boy cot and are still enjoying a bad spot free existence! Thank you Silky Tots! xxx

- Natasha N, Australia



Amazing product that has cured baby baldness!

This product is great. Not only is it safe enough to be around your baby but it has cured her baldness in only a couple of weeks!

- Lauren I.



A little ones, must have!

I wish I had known about the cot slip before my little one came along but I discovered silky tots just in time to stop the bald patch in its tracks. Her hair is no longer being left on the cotton sheets and her bald patch is no longer. I have been recommending silky tots cot slips to all my mum friends and I think is a nursery must have for all new bubs and toddlers. The perfect baby shower gift!

- Lauren H.



Love, love, love

My daughter has super curly hair, this pillow is a complete game changer! My little one now wakes up with her beautifully formed natural curls frizz free and with little to no knots, on top of that the pillow looks beautiful... mummy might be a bit jealous lol I will definitely buy one for myself and for my next little one due in December - you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

- Amber T.


Best product

Excellent, no more bald spot and smooth hair every morning for my little one.

- Bec M.



Love this!!!

So soft, my baby doesn't loose hair!! Getting the full crib sheet once he's on the move!

- Lara R, United States



What an amazing product! Do not know how I lasted so long without a pillowcase and my girl without a slip! We both wake with silky soft hair each morning!

- Grace O. 



Amazing Pillowcase!

This pillowcase has been amazing for my toddler. Prior to using it she would always wake up with matted hair. Now her hair is silky smooth in the mornings - no more knots! Thanks so much Silky Tots.

- Zara D.



In love!

Absolutely love the silk pillow case, I bought one for my daughter and then ended up getting one for me too I can definitely see the difference in how my daughters hair is in the morning, and her facial skin is not as dry and scaly from eczema.

- Rebeca I.



Amazing product!

It has been fantastic with helping my little girls hair to grow. The cotton sheets keep pulling her hair out and she had a big bald patch. But a little less than a month no more bald patch.

- Sheridan C.



Absolutely Love!

I absolutely love my Silky Tots cot slip! It has helped tame my baby girls out of control hair and her bald spots are quickly recovering! Thank you so much. Definitely one happy customer.

- Hayley D, Australia



In love

I absolutely love this product. The quality is outstanding and has helped my little ones hair so much (from being close to bald where the head lays, to hair growing back!) I look forward to buying more products once I get the funds!!

- Keira B.




Very happy with the product. My son moves a lot in his sleep and therefore constantly rubs his face and hair into his sheets causing dry skin and balding. This slip is a game changer. His cheeks are no longer dry and patchy and I don't find all his hair on his bed every morning. His balding line on the back of his head is slowly growing back.

- Cindy L, United States


Life Saver

These silk slips not only look beautiful but were a life saver from the beginning. As soon as I placed it on my son's mattress, his hair loss from rubbing stopped and within weeks, no more bald spot. Best purchase made!!

- Natalie C, Australia



Love love love!!

I first bought the cot slip which is amazing and my sons baldness is gone and his hair is now growing beautifully! I have since bought another as a spare and also a pillow slip for myself. The pillow slip feels so luxurious and just really nice to sleep on, so much so that I'm buying one as a Xmas gift for a friend.

- Rebecca C, New Zealand



Wonderful Product

We brought the silky tots cot slip when our daughter kept waking up from naps with knots and dreads (which we had to snip out) in her hair, since using it she hasn't had one knot and her hair is growing back beautifully. Would highly recommend, wish we had it from when she was born! Thanks

 - Hannah P, Australia

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