International Women's Day Series // An Interview with Marcia Leone of Not So Mumsy

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Marcia Leone is the brains, face and super mum behind NOT SO MUMSY, an inspiring online fashion and lifestyle destination for the modern mother. Marcia created NOT SO MUMSY on the back of a journalism/marketing career and has since grown a community of like-minded modern mamas into a globally-renowned, award-winning fashion and lifestyle brand. Marcia has just recently released her much anticipated book “Not So Mumsy” helping mothers navigate pregnancy, their first year and beyond with style, humour and confidence.

As part of our International Women’s Day series, we spoke to Marcia about how she navigates her juggle between motherhood, her business and everything in between...

Tell us a bit about yourself, your family, your brand and how you found yourself in the midst of your current juggle.

I am a mum of two living in Sydney. I spent a decade working in media before having my first child and after a year on maternity leave, my hubby took us to NY to set up distribution for his new business so I decided to create a little side passion project called NOT SO MUMSY – a platform and eventually a community of women who, like me, loved and embraced motherhood but also wanted to retain a sense of self and style. A year or so later after building a loyal community I found myself working alongside some iconic Australian and Global brands. 7 years later NSM has become a brand - I create content for brands, have a PJs and accessories label, the website and now a book. Very much in the juggle- working for myself around my kids I often say I work 85 x 23 minute shifts.

Mum motto you like to live by?

Done is better than perfect.

Are you working full time? How many hours per week are you working?

I work more than full time. Probably 80+ hours a week.  I’m in a unique position where work is my life and life is my work, so it’s very hard to switch off. But the plus side is that I can schedule it around my kids - so I’m often up working all through the night (like now – lol.)

What are your secrets for keeping your head above water?

Not pretending that I do. I often feel like I’m drowning and I will recognize it and say it. Ask for help. Prioritise. And learn to say no. (I’m not great at this) 

Do you think it is possible to achieve balance in work/mum life?

It depends what your version of balance is. I prefer the word “blend” as I feel balance has us aiming for this perfect scenario and realistically we aren’t going to get there. I think sometimes you will be nailing home life, and work goes on the back burner and other times when you’re nailing work, home suffers - but it’s learning to be OK with that.

What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time – pre-baby?

That you don’t have to tick off a “things to do” list before having babies. Having kids won’t stop you from reaching your goals and dreams – it will actually ignite them.

What’s next for you? Do you have goals and dreams for your brand? If so, what are they?

I think my cup is pretty full! I just released my book so there will be a lot of press and talks and events coming up around that. We will continue to grow the label with some exciting things happening globally. I have a really exciting partnership starting June and somewhere in there I will be taking myself to a health retreat for some time out! 

Tell us something that no one else knows about you?    

A few people do know this - I used to be a punk rock chick with piercings and blue hair lol!

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