5 Ways to Avoid Bed-Head

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It doesn’t take much for kids to create the perfect bed-head recipe… whether they have straight, long, curly, short or wavy hair, you may find yourself unnecessarily battling with brushing each morning, creating serious stress and anxiety when it comes to de-tangle time. Luckily, we’ve been there and have some simple tips to help alleviate some of the stress and tangles - you might be surprised at how simple some of these are!

Brush before bed

This sounds super obvious but how often do you brush your own hair before bed? We usually only really brush hair at the start of a day, while we’re getting ready and preparing for the day. However, you’d be surprised at how effective a night-time brush can be! If your littles jump into bed with pre-tangled hair, it’ll only worsen the tangles overnight. By de-tangling and brushing before bed, you are staying ahead of the game!

Use a Silk Pillow Slip

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - silk is the answer to bed-head, tangles and frizz! Silk greatly reduces friction and is much gentler on hair than regular cotton or bamboo pillow slips. Silk allows hair to glide across the pillow surface, without twisting or snagging it the way ordinary pillow slips do. Silk is also naturally hydrating as it doesn’t absorb moisture the way cotton does, leaving natural oils in the hair and skin where it’s needed most (moisturised, healthy hair is less likely to snag and tangle than dry hair). You can shop our Silk Pillow Slips here.

Use gentle shampoo and conditioners

Most generic shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemical ingredients such as drying alcohols and sulphates (not only bad for hair but terrible for your kids’ health too). Using a naturally derived, gentle shampoo and conditioner will help keep hair hydrated, leaving natural oils to protect the hair and skin (this also helps to avoid dry scalp, eczema and irritation).

Some of our favourite natural hair products are:

Pro Tip: Use a detangler brush after bath or shower time to help softly untangle knots before drying hair! We love Happy Hair Brush 

Dry before bed

Make sure you dry your littles’ hair thoroughly before they jump into bed. When wet hair hits the pillow it gets trapped between their head and the pillow surface, creating knots, matting and frizz as the hair dries in every which way! Dry, brushed hair, however, lies flat against the pillow and helps to avoid beastly bed-head. 

Pro Tip: For kids with longer hair, it may be easier to keep hair all together in a soft ponytail or bun than have it crazily draped all over the pillow during the night. For best results try our Silk Scrunchies which help to avoid knots, snags and tangles that ordinary elastic bands often promote, while also avoiding telltale up-do kinks in the morning. 

Trim regularly

The healthier your kids’ hair, the less likely it will be to frizz or knot up. Fine, split ends can cause tangles much more easily than healthy blunt ends! Your need to trim will depend on the type of hair your little has but if their hair is getting knottier than usual, you may find a trip to the hairdresser a life-saver.

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