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Q: Which products can I use on my Sleepyhead?

A: Our Silk Bed Nest/Bassinet Sheets fit perfectly over the Sleepyhead Deluxe and our Silk Cot Sheets are perfect for the Sleepyhead Grande.

Both sheets also can be used on other bed nests/pods of similar size.

Q: Which products can I use on my Snuz Pod?

A.Our standard size Silk Bassinet Sleeves fit Snuz Pod 2s and Snuz Pod 3. 

Q: Which product can I use on my Snoo?

A: The best option for Snoos is our small size Silk Bassinet Sleeve. Narrower stretch panels on the back allow for a snug fit.


Silk Bed Nest/Bassinet Sheets
Silk Bassinet Sleeves
Silk Cot Sleeves
Silk Cot Sheets

Q: What are the benefits of sleeping on silk?

A: Ordinary cotton or bamboo sheets tug and twist the hair eventually causing knotting, frizz and infant bald spots, our 100% Mulberry Silk allows hair to glide smoothly across the sleep surface, minimising friction and solving the problem!

The perfect material for sensitive skin, silk is a natural, breathable fibre that is naturally hydrating. The temperature regulating properties of silk ensure bub stays cool and comfortable while in the car and all night long.

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for bubs with allergies.

Q: How do I care for my Silk products?

A: All Silky Tots products are made from the highest quality silk to ensure longevity, but they will last longer with proper care. It is important to detergent that specifies use on silk/wool as even ‘natural’ detergents can contain enzymes that can breakdown the silk proteins, causing it to weaken. These detergents can be picked up in all major supermarkets, our favourite is the ecostore eucalyptus wool and delicates wash (see here). Cold delicate machine wash with a splash of detergent, gently squeeze out the excess water before hanging to dry.

Q: Will sleeping on Silk stop hormonal hair loss?

A: Babies can experience hair loss after birth due to hormonal changes (some far more than others) this is a completely natural process and silk cannot completely stop this process. The silk will however help to minimise the hair loss and allow the new hair to grow in much quicker, when the new hair does start to grow.

Q: What is a Silk Cot Sleeve?

A:  Silky Tots Silk Cot Sleeves is a one-piece silk band that slips on your baby's mattress, over the top of your normal cot sheet to create a silky barrier between bub’s head and the sheet below. Silky Tots is the creator of the Silk Cot Sleeve, a world first in baby bald spot prevention.  

Q: Does the Silk Cot Sleeve fit all cots?

A: Our Sleeves have a handy stretch panel in the back that allows the band to fit snugly around any standard cot mattress (including oval shape mattresses, when placed in the middle of the cot).  Available in two sizes to offer the perfect fit for all cots 

Q: Can I use a Silk Cot Sleeve on a bassinet mattress?

A: We recommend using our Silk Bassinet Sleeves on bassinets, available in two sizes, these patented Sleeves are the perfect fit for all bassinet mattresses. If you are close to transitioning, you can use your Cot Sleeve on your bassinet in the meantime by folding the excess fabric under the mattress. This is only suitable for babies that are not yet rolling or sitting up, at that point they should be moved to their cot and the Silk Cot Sleeve used as a one-piece band, with no folding. Please see our video on how to use the Silk Cot Sleeves on your bassinet and do not use if there is any loose fabric at all

Q: Where should I position Silk Cot Sleeve in my baby's cot? 

A: Following the RedNose sleep safe guidelines, bub’s feet should be placed at the bottom of the cot, meaning the band should be placed around the middle of the mattress.  

Q: Does the Silk Cot Sleeve follow SIDS safety guidelines?

A: Yes, Silky Tots Silk Cot Sleeve has been carefully developed in line with the guidelines of Red Nose Australia, the US SIDS Institute and Lullaby Trust.

Q: What is Silky Tots Silk Cot Sleeve made is of?

A: The top section is made from 100% 6A Grade 22 momme mulberry silk.

The stretch panel is made from high quality 100% Polyester, offering 100% stretch while maintaining its shape after repeated use.

All products have been independently tested to confirm they are non toxic and free from harmful chemicals including Azo colourants or formaldehyde. 


For any other questions, please contact us at hello@silkytots.com 


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