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Why Silk

Silky Tots innovative Silk bedding allows for the most gentle sleep for your little one. Sleeping on silk eliminates the friction that causes knotting, rubbing and baby bald spots. Silky Tots 100% Mulberry Silk is safe, soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. 


Silk has been used to care for skin and hair for hundreds of years. Consistent use of Silky Tots Silk bedding has shown improvement in dry, irritated skin as well as a reduction in hair loss and regrowth in existing baby bald spots. 

Why Silk

Prevents Baby Bald Spots:

Ordinary cotton and bamboo sheets twist and snag hair causing knotting, matting and eventually the dreaded baby bald spot. So why is Silk the answer? Silk allows hair to glide over the bed, pillow or mattress surface, eliminating friction to prevent baby bald spots, frizz and knotting. Cotton can snag the hair and mess it into a nest of tangles and knots overnight. 

Sleeping on silk also benefits babies that already sport a bald spot, as the reduction in friction allows the delicate new hair to come in far quicker than cotton does, greatly increasing the rate of re-growth.


Naturally Hypoallergenic:

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic due to its high protein content, which prevents the growth of micro-organisms, mould and bacteria. This incredible quality makes silk in-hospitable for dust mites and allergens - perfect for allergy sufferers or asthmatics.

Silk is also odour and soil resistant making it a much cleaner sleep material than traditional bamboo and cotton.


Naturally Hydrating:

Silk fibres wick moisture away from the skin keeping it naturally hydrated. Traditional bedding such as cotton is much more porous than silk, so regular pillowcases and bedding absorb and hold moisture, while silk leaves that hydration right where it belongs; in the skin and hair. While Silk is moisture wicking, it is still very quick drying and allows skin to breathe.

Newborn skin is extremely delicate and prone to sensitivity, irritation, dryness, chafing and rashes. Silk’s naturally hydrating and temperature regulating properties can help keep these symptoms to a minimum (especially when bub is spending 10-18 hours sleeping on it per day!) and allow creams and treatments to do their jobs!


Temperature Regulating:

Silk is perfect for babies as it is an all-climate fabric; warm and cosy in winter and comfortably cool in summer when the temperatures rise (in creating a sleep-safe environment for bub, it’s important to ensure they don’t overheat). 


Benefits aren’t limited to bub:

The Silky soft surface of a Silky Tots Silk Pillow Slip is the perfect anti-ageing and hair protective sleep environment for adults too.

As celebrated Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross explains, “Persistently pressing our faces into a pillow causes trauma to the skin. Over time, this trauma, aggravated by the friction of a cotton pillowcase, can create permanent creases as our collagen breaks down.”

Studies show that friction from tossing and turning causes creases in the skin, but a silky-smooth surface can reduce that effect in the long run.

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