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Silky Tots are bringing a touch of magic to sleep time with our safe, healthy and nurturing 100% Mulberry Silk products.

With Silk, the benefits for hair and skin are endless, not just for baby, but for the whole family.


Reduces friction by up to 43%; silk helps hair and skin glide across the pillow or mattress surface, reducing friction to prevent infant hair loss (baby bald spots) and painful knotting!

Naturally non-absorbent; unlike cotton and bamboo, silk won’t strip skin or hair of natural oils

Temperature regulating; helps keep baby warm in winter and cool in summer

Uninhabitable by dust mites (perfect for allergy/asthma sufferers)

Breathable and naturally hypoallergenic

Non-toxic and Oeko-Tex Certified (sleep-safe)

From birth, for life; perfect for the whole family (did someone say anti-aging?)

Machine washable 


"We love our silk cot slip, we have been using it for about two weeks now and Vivienne's hair has started to grow back and the bald area has nearly gone. Before we started using the silk slip Vivienne would wake up with a very dry face and I'd have to put moisturiser on her everyday, since using the silk slip her skin has become so soft and it's never dry! Amazing xx"

- Vivienne Z.



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