How to Care For Your Silk

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So you've made the switch to silk, but now you're not sure how best to care for your new miracle workers? We've put together a tried and tested list of how best to care for your silk to help!
Silk is a wonderfully luxurious and amazing alternative to ordinary textiles like cotton or bamboo (click to learn more). Like wool and linen, Silk requires a more delicate cleaning regime than cotton or bamboo – one that requires special detergents and lower temperature wash cycles. However, if washing guidelines are followed, your silk products will last for years as the silk fibre is extremely strong while also remaining incredibly soft.

Here are our top tips on caring for your silk:

1. The most important tip we can offer is in regard to detergent. 
Normal detergents (including most organic/natural ones) contain enzymes that break down organic matter; think food and soil stains. The problem is that these enzymes can’t tell the difference between food proteins and silk proteins so will also work to breakdown the silk, causing it to lose its ‘silky’ feeling.
The best way to make sure this doesn't happen is to use a silk/wool wash detergent. You can pick up a good silk/wool wash from your local grocery store or online - our personal favourite is EcoStore
2. Can't be bothered hand washing your bed linen? Neither can we! It is absolutely fine to put your silk products in the washing machine (woo-hoo!). However, make sure you set the wash cycle to "delicate" with a maximum water temperature of 30C (cold is fine) and wash with your silk/wool detergent only.
3. Before placing your silk cot sleeves, pillowcases or sheets into the wash, put them in a laundry bag - this helps to protect them during agitation in the wash. If you don't have any laundry bags, simply use an old (cotton) pillowcase instead!
4. Don't use fabric softener. Fabric softeners leave a residue on silk fibres which causes them to break down over time. If you've already used a fabric softener on your silk, you can try rinsing it in 50/50 white vinegar and water as this safely strips off anything clinging to the fibres.

5. Iron your silk on the opposite side (face down). It's perfectly fine to iron your silk products - they will sit better on the bed/cot/pillow if they're ironed and will look much nicer! Just make sure you iron on the opposite side (face down - the less silky side!) on a low temperature setting.

Sweet dreams! x

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